The Java Client roadmap extends the availability and support timelines for many Java Client-related technologies.

Commercial support and updates for Java SE 8 have shifted from March 2025 to at least December 2030. Also, personal use of Java SE 8 has been extended indefinitely from the previously announced date of December 2020.

Additional details on update and availability timelines are available here.

Xs:code and Redis announces open-source grant program
Through the new partnership, developers who use xs:code’s platform to offer paid products and services as technical support, pro features, and commercial licenses will be entitled to a dollar-for-dollar grant for the first $500 they earn on the xs:code platform.

“It’s exciting to have xs:code’s platform accessible to the devoted developers in the Redis ecosystem so they can get the resources they need to continue developing their projects,” said Guy Korland, the CTO of Incubations at Redis Labs. “It’s in the best interest of anyone using Redis that open-source projects from clients to modules keep evolving, and the best way to ensure that happens, is by helping developers get paid for their innovations and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Venafi acquires Jetstack for digital transformation
Venafi announced that it will acquire Jetstack to maximize developer speed and enterprise security now that the security focus has shifted toward developers.

The two companies have already been working together for the last two years on next generation machine identity protection in Kubernetes, multi-cloud, service mesh and microservices ecosystems.

“Nowadays, business success depends on how quickly you can respond to the market,” said Matt Barker, CEO and co-founder of Jetstack. “This reality led us to re-think how software is built and Kubernetes has given us the ideal platform to work from. However, putting speed before security is risky. By joining Venafi, Jetstack will give our customers a chance to build fast while acting securely.”

Apache project updates
Apache project updates this week include the release of Apache Flink 1.10.1, Apache Ant 1.9.15 and 1.10.8, Apache Druid 0.18, Apache jclouds 2.2.1, Apache IoTDB 0.9.3, and more.

Also, Apache ShardingSphere UI 4.1.0 was released with an alpha version of support scaling for ShardingSphere, an upgrade to Java 8, and the registry center was moved from experiment repo to apache repo.

The full list of updated projects is available here.