JetBrains added Notifications Management to its Space product to help developers deal with information overload. 

#Spacebox, the new default personal feed, intelligently highlights the most relevant notifications, and users can customize the setup to adjust notifications they want to see inside Spacebox, as well as in any feed or group channel. 

“Our goal with Space is to allow software developers and other teams working with them to collaborate efficiently and focus on their work,” said Sergey Shkredov, the team lead at JetBrains Space. “Space enables it by intelligently managing notifications about new issues, commits, blog posts, and any other updates you’re interested in while keeping the distractions away”.

Microsoft GCToolkit goes open source

Microsoft announced that its GCToolkit, a set of libraries for analyzing Java garbage collection (GC) log files, has just been open-sourced. 

The toolkit parses GC log files into discrete events and provides an API for aggregating data from those events, enabling users to create arbitrary and complex analyses of the state of managed memory in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) represented by the garbage collection log. 

GCToolkit is made up of 3 Java modules that cover the API, GC log file parsers, and a messaging backplane based on Vert.x.

Additional details are available here.

Google is deprecating its JavaScript-based Google Platform Library

Google announced that it is discontinuing its JavaScript Platform Library for the web and plans to fully retire it on March 31, 2023.

The deprecation applies only to web apps using the Google Sign-in JavaScript library. 

“As part of our ongoing effort to improve user sign-in, we released a new JavaScript library for Sign In With Google. In addition to prior authentication and authorization functionality, it also offers a new user experience to improve user visibility, trust and decrease friction during sign-in,” Brian Daugherty, a product solutions engineer at Google wrote in a blog post