This latest release of JetBrains’ JavaScript IDE is packed with many long-awaited enhancements, including support for Tailwind CSS, the ability to sync one’s IDE theme with their OS settings, and Git staging.

WebStorm 2020.3 also includes a new welcome screen, the ability to sync the IDE theme with your OS settings, improvements for working with tabs, the option to open files with WebStorm by default, and more on the UI front. 

The full details on WebStorm 2020.3 are available here.

Instana Enterprise Observability for Microservices now available on AWS
Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform is now available on Amazon Marketplace. 

The offering is powered by automated Application Performance Monitoring and it discovers and maps all services, infrastructure and their inter-dependencies automatically. 

“The AWS Marketplace continues to offer customers the best possible selection of software products to enable better cloud delivery of applications and services,” said Justin Forth, the senior business development manager at AWS Marketplace. “Our customers want solutions like Instana that are built on AWS and help other companies build powerful applications on AWS cloud, and their Enterprise Observability Platform the AWS Marketplace makes it even easier for customers to procure and deploy Instana for their application performance management needs.”

Informatica announces new data lake management solution for AWS
The new Governed Data Lake Management Solution for AWS allows joint customers to govern, secure, and scale a data lake on Amazon S3.

Joint customers will benefit from advanced serverless capabilities and enhanced governance for trusted data in analytics, according to Informatica. 

“To provide high-quality, actionable data to the business quickly, you need to have a complete view of where your critical data resides across different silos, applications and regions,” said Rik Tamm-Daniels, the vice president of strategic ecosystems and technology at Informatica. “With our longstanding relationship with AWS, we are enabling our customers across industries from public to private sector to derive greater value from their data and ultimately drive better business outcomes.”

AWS and BlackBerry team up on intelligent vehicle data 
The companies announced a multi-year, global agreement to develop and market BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform,(IVY), which is a scalable, cloud-connected software platform that will allow automakers to provide a consistent and secure way to read vehicle sensor data.

BlackBerry IVY will support multiple vehicle operating systems and multi-cloud deployments in order to ensure compatibility between vehicle models and brands. 

“Through this joint effort with BlackBerry, we will provide automakers with the insights, capabilities, agility, and speed they need to thrive in an increasingly connected world,” said Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services. “As automakers seek to race ahead in their digital transformations, BlackBerry IVY empowers them to build their brands and set the standard for connected vehicle services across the automotive industry.”