Kong Enterprise 2.1 provides flexible, multi-cloud, multi-region deployment options with native service mesh support via the newly released Kong Mesh to streamline underlying infrastructure and reduce operational costs.

It also features a ‘hybrid mode’ that enables users to create declarative configurations to deploy cloud native Kong Gateway data planes across multiple clouds and data centers, and manage them through a central control plane.

Kong Enterprise 2.1 can be combined with the latest Kong Studio plugins included in Insomnia to further automate the API lifecycle.

Additional details on the new release are available here.

Eggplant Digital Automation Platform updates
The updates extend the accessibility of Eggplant’s digital automation intelligence platform to low or no-code users. 

The DAI Platform automates every aspect of the testing lifecycle through AI, machine learning, deep learning, and analytics, according to the company. 

“Eggplant enables both technical and business users to drive the creation of test automation that can test functionality, performance, load and usability, all through the lens of user experience. And it can do this across complex processes, across any target platform – including mobile, desktop, web, mainframe, IoT or custom hardware,” Eggplant wrote in a post.

CircleCI announces developer hub
With the new developer hub, users can now find all of the best CI/CD config optimizations, migration guides, and CircleCI docs, along with assets like CI configuration packages through CircleCI orbs and Docker convenience images.

“We’ve seen an uptick in adoption as companies are adjusting to rapidly changing market conditions. We’re finding more education, support, and assistance is needed for these teams to optimize their DevOps practices with speed, safety, and at scale,” said Jim Rose, the CEO of CircleCI. “Our developer hub aims to bridge this gap and guide everyone along their adoption process while providing best-in-breed CI/CD practices.”

Additional details are available here.

Split raises $33 million for feature flags
Split said it will use the funding to address the global demand for feature flags by bringing additional data and developer workflow integrations to market as well as accelerating product leadership. 

The new funding comes as enterprises accelerate digital transformation amid rapid economic change and transition to impact-driven software development, according to the company.

“The recent global health crisis created by COVID-19 has shifted business online, driving the demand for digital products and software. More than ever, enterprises need to deliver digital services with an expected impact,” said Brian Bell, CEO of Split Software. “We provide them the ability to release product features quickly and with maximum business impact, helping engineering teams to deliver innovative products while also improving their development cadence.”

.NET 5.0 Preview 8
.NET 5.0 improvements include single file applications, smaller container images, more capable Json Serializer APIs, and more.

ARM64 was a key focus for performance investment, resulting in much better throughput and smaller binaries. .NET 5.0 includes new language versions, C# 9 and F# 5.0.

Microsoft said that Preview 8 is the last preview as the .NET 5.0 release is now feature complete.

Additional details on the new release are available here.