Micro Focus announced the release of UFT Mobile 2021 which visually enhances the mobile testing experience, optimizes utilization of devices, simplifies administration capabilities, and supports additional technologies. 

The dashboard can also assist with decision making. For example, device information is useful when deciding if additional devices of a certain OS version are required in general or for a specific workspace, according to the company. 

The new version includes support for PostgreSQL version 13 when connecting the UFT Mobile server to an external database, support for Flutter version 2, and Versions 037, 038, and 039 of the DEX format.

Additional details are available here

Liquidware updates its FlexApp solution

The FlexApp application layering solution now includes package automation, a feature that provides enterprise organizations the ability to significantly reduce application packaging and deployment times.

Further innovation from Liquidware includes bulk packaging of .EXE, MSI, MSIX, the leveraging of multiple packaging consoles, package output is turnkey and ready to distribute via the ProfileUnity console, and more. 

Additional details are available here

Google Workspace hybrid work updates

Google announced that Spaces in Google Chat is now live for everyone, and it provides customers with a central place for flexible collaboration in Google Workspace. 

Also, team members can now set their working location in Calendar to show where people will be working on any given day, and Companion mode will allow users to seamlessly join meetings from their personal device while leveraging in-room audio and video.

Google is also announcing Series One Board 65 and Series One Desk 27, new all-in-one video conferencing devices to complement the Series One rooms kits. 

Details on all of the updates to Google Workspace are available here.