Microsoft’s .NET 5.0 Preview 3 contains new features and performance improvements.

This includes code quality improvements in RyuJIT, System.Text.Json improvements such as added support for preserve references on JSON dotnet/runtime #655, and .NET SDK Support for .NET Framework Assemblies.

Microsoft said it is still working on the bigger features that will define the 5.0 release.

Additional details are available here.

Codota raises $12 million for integrating AI into the software development workflow
Codota announced that moving forward it is working on creating AI with both semantic and textual models of code, adding better performance, and improving its user interface, following the acquisition of TabNine. 

It is also working on team-specific model and recommended/discouraged code which enables Codota to adjust to how a team writes their code and to become “the de-facto source of truth of code best practices for projects, but one that is actually reflected in the AI assistance,” according to Codota. 

Both Codota and TabNine will continue to have valuable free-forever plans while offering paid plans for larger teams, codebases, and advanced features.

Additional details are available here.

Log4j 2.13.2
The Log4j 2.13.2 update is now available, containing bug fixes and minor enhancements.

New features include LOG4J2-1360 that provides a Log4j implementation of System.Logger and LOG4J2-2807, which adds EventLookup to retrieve fields from the log event.

The Log4j 2.13.2 API, as well as many core components, maintains binary compatibility with previous releases. Additional details are available here.