Mobilize.NET and Infragistics have announced a new partnership to provide users with migration tools for Silverlight. Through the partnership, the two companies will work to help users migrate Infragistics Silverlight UI controls to Angular and HTML. 

Mobilize.NET will also release a free migration assessment tool for Silverlight that provides a detailed inventory of a Silverlight application including files, bytes, lines of code, and object types. The tool provides additional information to assist in identifying modernization problems and mitigations. 

Additional details are available here

Open Web Docs launched
Open Web Docs was launched as a shared, open digital infrastructure component for helping technical writers with strategic creation and the long-term maintenance of web platform technology. 

This year, the team behind Open Web Docs stated that it will prioritize working with Mozilla’s MDN writers and engineers to support the recent infrastructure transition and to focus on key documentation work, according to a blog post by Robert Nyman, a governing and steering committee member at Open Web Docs.

“Open Web Docs was created to ensure the long-term health of web platform documentation on de facto standard resources like MDN Web Docs, independently of any single vendor or organization,” Robert Nyman wrote. 

Algolia acquires MorphL for AI capabilities
Algolia acquired the Google DNI-funded startup MorphL to use its AI capabilities in its own new AI offering. 

“Many companies are trying to make it easier to use AI, but few are making it as simple as MorphL. Indeed, our mission has always been to democratize AI and to empower developers and marketers, who wish to enhance their digital offerings with a simple ‘plug and play’ building block interface for building their intent-based, omnichannel sites and applications,” said Ciprian Borodescu, the CEO of MorphL.

The new offering from Algolia is a suite of API-based AI and ML models that enable developers, data scientists, and marketers to predict user’s intent, according to the company.

Microsoft improves developer feedback process
Microsoft announced that it updated to a more flexible browser-based mechanism for sending feedback that makes it easier to provide relevant information to the engineering team. 

The new process makes it easier for users to look at existing feedback tickets from the Explore and Feedback page. 

Users of the editor can insert images through either direct paste from a clipboard or through drag and drop from the desktop. When users click a ticket, they can now see the history of all of its previous states and also where it is in the pipeline for completion. 

Additional details on the new developer feedback process are available here.