The Moment.js team has announced the project is now consider in maintenance mode. This means that the working group behind the project will not be adding any new features or capabilities and will not change Moment’s API to be immutable.

“The modern web looks much different these days. Moment has evolved somewhat over the years, but it has essentially the same design as it did when it was created in 2011. Given how many projects depend on it, we choose to prioritize stability over new features,” the developers wrote in a post.

Users that already included Moment.js in their projects can continue to do so, but the developers discourage Moment from being used in new projects going forward.

.NET 5.0 RC 1 released
.NET 5.0 RC 1 includes improvements such as single file applications, smaller container images, more capable JsonSerializer APIs, a complete set of nullable reference type annotations and more.

RC 1 is a near-final release of .NET 5.0, and the first of two RCs before the official release in November.

The RC1 versions of ASP.NET Core and EF Core were also released today.

Additional details are available here.

Android GPU Inspector Open Beta
With the rollout of Android 11 on Pixel, Android GPU Inspector (AGI) has graduated from a limited developer preview to an open beta.

AGI is a graphics profiling tool that allows users to look into the GPU of Android devices to better understand graphics bottlenecks and optimize the performance of games and apps that leverage 3D graphics APIs, according to Android.

It shows system activities including high frequency GPU hardware counters, and, if using Vulkan, GPU activity information.

C11 and C17 support in MSVC
C11 and C17 are now becoming supported language versions in the MSVC compiler toolset starting with Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8 Preview 3.

Since C17 is essentially just a bug fix release of ISO C, with many defect reports being adopted, our support for C11 already includes all the relevant defect reports.

“For many years Visual Studio has only supported C to the extent of it being required for C++. Things are about to change now that a conformant token-based preprocessor has been added to the compiler,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.