Mozilla released Mozilla WebThings, an open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web with two core components: WebThings Gateway and WebThings Framework.

WebThings Gateway provides software distribution for smart home gateways that can track logs, alarms and more. Version 0.8 is now available, enabling developers to switch their gateway network settings through the web interface rather than rummaging through command lines.

WebThings Framework contains reusable software components to help developers build their own web things.

The Mozilla team said it strives to “ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all,” in a company post.

Microsoft open-sources Data Accelerator
Microsoft’s large-scale data pipeline project that was started in 2017, Data Accelerator, is now open source.

The company said the transition “will have value to the wider community” due to fast Dev-Test loops, one-box deployment for local testing and discovery, and designer-based rules and query building that allow developers to use an ETL pipeline without writing code.

Added features to SQL-Spark syntax include time-windowing, reference data and output capabilities.

Clear Software and Automation Anywhere team up
Two providers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Clear Software and Automation Anywhere, have partnered to integrate their respective solutions.

Clear Software’s solutions include Clearwork, a Business Process Management (BPM) workspace and ClearProcess, an RPA which allows robots to work on behalf of human partners across siloed legacy platforms.

The Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform is called “The Intelligent Digital Workforce”.

“Attended RPA is this missing link that allows large organizations to scale process automation to tens of thousands of employees, and our complementary platforms address this missing link. We look forward to working with their talented team,” said Jon Gilman, the CEO of Clear Software.