NativeScript has joined the OpenJS Foundation as an incubating project. According to the foundation, incubating projects are projects in the process of completing its on-boarding checklist.

NativeScript is an open-source mobile framework that was developed by Progress. It enables developers to access native platform APIs from JavaScript directly.

It can be integrated with any other native platform APIs to enrich JavaScript’s capabilities and it also integrates with Angular, VueJS, React, Svelte and any JavaScript-driven frontend framework. 

The developers behind NativeScript said that it is particularly well-suited to provide opportunities in significant code reuse between web and mobile applications. 

“We are thrilled to welcome NativeScript. The OpenJS Foundation exists to house a diverse set of open source projects that contribute to the JavaScript ecosystem on a global scale,” said Robin Ginn, OpenJS Foundation executive director. “It’s exciting when projects come in whose goals align similarly to ours. We will provide resources and guidance to help NativeScript move forward in multiple fronts including governance, technology, community outreach and much more.”

IBM updates Watson
The new capabilities of IBM Watson are designed to improve the automation of AI, provide a higher degree of precision in natural language processing, and to foster greater trust in outcomes derived from AI predictions. Updates include a beta version of IBM Watson Discovery, FAQ Extraction, and a new intent classification model.

IBM Watson Discovery is designed to help identify more precise answers in response to natural language queries from vast troves of complex enterprise documents. 

FAQ Extraction uses a novel NLP technique from IBM Research to automate the extraction of Q&A pairs from FAQ documents. And the new intent classification model is available in BIM Watson Assistant, and can more accurately upsteand a end-user’s goal or intent.

The full details on the new capabilities are available here.

Dynatrace enters cloud security market
The new platform module from Dynatrace provides continuous runtime application security for production and preproduction environments, and is optimized for Kubernetes and DevSecOps.

The module inherits the automation, AI, scalability, and enterprise-grade aspects of the  Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform and extends it to modern cloud runtime application self-protection (RASP) use cases.

“Dynatrace Application Security provides organizations’ security leadership confidence that their production and preproduction environments are protected through continuous, automatic runtime analysis, while enabling DevSecOps teams to focus on what matters, understand vulnerabilities in context, and proactively resolve these to drive faster, more secure release cycles,” said Bernd Greifeneder, the founder and CTO at Dynatrace.

Instana to support Java and Go on Lambda
Instana added support for Java and Go on Lambda. The solution operates independent of serverless platform APIs and delivers native tracing for Python, Node.js, Go, and Java across the entire environment. 

“Instana ingests all observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and updates application dependency maps in real time to deliver the context and actionable feedback needed by Dev+Ops to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk to help them add value and efficiency to the pipeline,” the company wrote in its announcement.