Microsoft released .NET Preview 1, which is scheduled for a general availability release in November. 

Preview 1 includes support for Windows ARM64 for the first time and also the .NET Core runtime. Microsoft said it expects Preview 2 to include the SDK (ASP.NET Core but not WPF or Windows Forms).

Some of the high-level goals for .NET 5 include a unified .NET SDK experience with a single BCL (Base Class Library) across all .NET 5 applications, mobile development (Xamarin) integration, as well as native applications supporting multiple platforms, and continuous improvements.

More details on the project are available here.

TigerGraph 3.0 comes with no-code capabilities 
TigerGraph is a scalable graph database for the enterprises, which now includes an “easy button” for analysis to surface meaningful insights from complex relationships in the new release.

TigerGraph 3.0 also includes no-code migration from relational DB, which provides a no-code path to convert schema and load data to a graph, as well as no-code graph analytics with Visual Query Builder, easier and faster deployments, and user-defined indexing. 

TigerGraph 3.0 will be available as a limited release in March 2020 and generally available afterward.

Additional details on the latest release are available here.

Axis Security emerges from stealth with cloud-native security and analytics platform 
Axis Security announced $17 million in funding to redefine private application access. The company emerged from stealth to launch a purpose-built, cloud-native security and analytics platform that offers organizations simple and secure control of private application access. 

“Enabling access to the basic tools of digital transformation should not be one of the biggest risks an organization takes. We’re giving IT teams what they’ve been lacking when it comes to applications and that is a single managed solution for access, security, control, and scalability without the complexity,” said Dor Knafo, the co-founder and CEO of Axis Security.

More details on the new platform are available here.