Netlify announced it acquired FeaturePeek, a project that enables developer teams to preview frontend content. 

With the acquisition, FeaturePeek’s developer collaboration product is now a core capability within the next generation of Netlify Deploy Previews. 

The new generation of Deploy Previews offers live automated previews, a floating UI, feedback that is automatically synced to the Git repo post and popular integrations. 

Additional details are available here.

Scylla Enterprise 2021 released 

ScyllaDB’s new major release of its NoSQL database offers a stable codebase for production workloads at scale and provides greater reliability from additional vigorous testing and enterprise-only features. 

Scylla Enterprise 2021 adds enhancements to its Amazon DynamoDB compatibility, faster searches on index lookups and many other improvements to performance, disk management and security. 

The release also adds the Space Amplification Goal (SAG), which is a new property that enables users to balance between space amplification and write amplification. 

LightningChart JS data visualization milestone

LightningChart JS set a new milestone for data visualization by achieving over 10 million data point rendering capacity. 

The results of a test that was performed on line charts indicated that implementing LightningChart on a high-end desktop PC can keep over 30FPS and data rates of over 10 million data points per second and that the project is roughly 700 times faster than the average of its competitors. 

“Major demanding, and life-changing, industries constantly require a visualization capacity that enables them to display data in a variety of charts. For instance, the medical industry requires real-time monitoring applications as well as 3D graphics that allow them to visualize biomedical data accurately and informatively,” LightningChart wrote in a statement. 

PostgreSQL 14 beta 1 released

The release of PostgreSQL 14 beta contains all of the features that will be available in the final release of PostgreSQL 14. 

The latest release contains improvements in transaction throughput for PostgreSQL systems that have a large number of connections to the database, additional gains in reducing B-tree indexing overhead and  SP-GiST indexes now support covering indexes that allow users to add additional nonsearchable columns to the index through the INCLUDE clause.

PostgreSQL 14 also introduces the ability to leverage query parallelism when querying remote databases using foreign data wrappers.

Additional details are available here.