New Relic and Grafana Labs are teaming up on open instrumentation. The news comes after New Relic announced a new focus on observability. The partnership will allow developers to see operational data in one place and to break down data silos. 

Prometheus users can utilize the Prometheus remote write capability to send metric data directly to New Relic’s Telemetry Data Platform with a single configuration change.

Additionally, Grafana Enterprise customers using Grafana’s New Relic data source plugin will enjoy updates designed to support New Relic’s latest NRQL capabilities. 

Our customers can now visualize their Prometheus metrics stored in New Relic’s Telemetry Data Platform using Grafana’s world-class dashboards with just one simple config change. This partnership further strengthens New Relic’s commitment to advancing open instrumentation and democratizing observability for all,” said Bill Staples, chief product officer of New Relic

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Atlassian announces TEAM Anywhere
Atlassian announced that its employees have the choice in where they work and whether they want to work from home, an office, or a combination of both.

“We believe that the post-COVID world will see an increase in distributed work in all industries, and we want to lead this for ourselves and our customers. Our products help teams collaborate from anywhere, and our practices and learnings can help usher our customers into the future of work with us,” said Scott Farquhar, the co-CEO of Atlassian. “But we can’t coach from the sidelines, we need to walk the walk – one mile in front of our customers. We need to run into the obstacles before they do, and clear them by building world-class solutions.”

Atlassian plans to use the TEAM Anywhere model to seek out talent outside of the bounds of its offices, allow employees to customize routines that work best for their personal and professional lives, and to innovate around teamwork tools.

Linux 5.8 rc-1 released
The Linux working group stated that 5.8 looks to be one of the project’s biggest releases of all time, including a lot of fundamental core work and cleanups, as well as filesystem work and driver updates. 

Within the 5.8 merge window, about 20% of all the files in the kernel source repository have been modified. 

In total, the release includes over 14k non-merge commits (over 15k counting merges), 800k new lines, and over 14 thousand files changed.

IntelliCode suggestions in Visual Studio
IntelliCode spots repetitions and suggests other places in code in which users can apply that same change. 

Using PROSE (PROgram Synthesis by Example), IntelliCode synthesizes generalized edit scripts that take your code from the “before editing” state to the “after.”

In both the lightbulb and by hovering over the affected code, IntelliCode offers actions to apply the suggestion.

Additional details are available here.

Apache weekly roundup
Last week saw the release of Apache SkyWalking 8.1.0, which adds support for Kafka as an optional trace, JVM metrics, profiling snapshots and a meter system data transport layer.

Also released this week was Apache Commons Pool 2.8.1, Apache OpenNLP 1.9.3, and Apache Cocoon 2.1.13

Apache also found that the top 5 most active Apache projects over FY2020 were, in order: Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Lucene, POI, and ZooKeeper.

Additional details on news from Apache are available here.