Next.js has reached version 8. Next.js is a React framework for static and server-rendered applications. The latest version includes features such as serverless Next.js, massive build-time memory usage reduction, build-time environment configuration, prefetch performance improvements, and smaller initial HTML size.

A full list of next features can be found here.

Microsoft and Packt release ebooks to help developers adapt to cloud native development
Microsoft and Packt are teaming up to provide two new ebooks that will help developers learn cloud native development. According to the companies, the books tackle the two most important elements of cloud native development: NoSQL databases and containerization.

The ebooks include several tutorials that will enable developers to make the most of new technologies.

Mendix adds new IBM Cloud features
Low-code tool provider Mendix has announced new enhancements for Mendix on IBM Cloud. New features include broader access to IBM Cloud services, full support for Kubernetes, since sign-on onboarding, and integrated billing with IBM Cloud.

“The goal of the Mendix-IBM Alliance is to place the ease of drag-and-drop, low-code application development into the hands of the Enterprise cloud market, leverage Watson’s AI capabilities for the largest number of users, and vastly accelerate the time-to-value deployment of business innovation,” said Erno Rorive, senior product manager at Mendix. “The integration of the Mendix platform with IBM Cloud and Watson represents a golden triangle of enterprise-ready solutions that will power the next wave of smart applications to focus the power of AI on vertical industry solutions.”

Electron v5.0.0 roadmap
The team behind Electron has revealed its roadmap for Electron v5.0.0. In the latter half of last year, the team focused on keeping Electron on pace with Chromium releases, a goal with which they were successful. The team hopes to continue with that pace in v5.0.0 and beyond.

According to their release schedule, Electron v5.0.0 will be released on April 23, 2019.