Nintex has acquired Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider EnableSoft, which will allow them to provide customers with powerful RPA capabilities. EnableSoft is the maker of the Foxtrot RPA solution.

“Acquiring EnableSoft Foxtrot RPA delivers on Nintex’s strategic plan for offering the industry’s most complete process platform to manage, automate and optimize business processes across all departments and industries,” said Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. “Foxtrot RPA aligns perfectly with our product design principles: to make solutions that are powerful and easy to use, drive fast time to value, lowest total cost of ownership, and incredible satisfaction. Operations, IT and process professionals use the Nintex Process Cloud to quickly improve how people work, with clicks not code, to deliver robust and flexible solutions to help improve their operations and digitally transform their businesses.”

Functionize raises $16 million in Series A funding
Functionize has raised $16 million in Series A funding. The  company provides an autonomous cloud-based testing platform with AI and machine learning capabilities. It plans on using the money to accelerate adoption of its natural language processing solution for software testing.

“Software testing has endured what I term a QA Winter,” said Tamas Cser, founder and CEO of Functionize. “This means developers and testers still maintain tests the same way as they did in the early ages of the internet. Natural language processing allows testing to just work – empowering testers to dramatically speed up product delivery.”

The latest funding round was led by Canvas Ventures.

Bugcrowd and Secure Code Warrior announce security training program
Bugcrowd and Secure Code Warrior have announced that they are partnering to provide a security training program for developers. By providing contextual training and remediation, the companies hope that customers will be able to put fixes in place faster, improve their development lifecycles, and write code more securely.

“Bugcrowd is focused on improving the security of our digitally-connected world — this means going beyond vulnerability identification to educate the next generation of cyber defenders, which includes helping builders write more secure code,” said Casey Ellis, founder and CTO at Bugcrowd. “By embedding information from training tools platform into the Bugcrowd platform, we can prevent entire vulnerability categories from reappearing and help facilitate the necessary collaboration between security and development teams. We are proud to partner with Secure Code Warrior to empower customers to find and fix faster, as well as build better from the start.”

Cloud 66 Skycap releases an update
Cloud 66 has announced the release of new configuration, security, and workflow features for Cloud 66 Skycap and Cloud 66 Maestro. The company has also announced new open-source projects.

A key new feature in Cloud 66 Skycap is integration with Alterant to improve policy enforcements. “Sitting to ‘the left’ of actual deployment, Alterant doesn’t talk directly to the Kubernetes cluster. Instead it generates the modified configuration files based on operations-approved scripts and and passes them to the deployment handler. The result is increased automation and increased compliance in the Kubernetes deployment pipeline,” Cloud 66 wrote.