NVIDIA announced that it is collaborating with the open-source community to bring end-to-end GPU acceleration to Apache Spark 3.0.

In addition, AI model training will be able to be processed on the same Spark cluster, instead of running the workloads as separate processes on separate infrastructure. 

“Data analytics is the greatest high performance computing challenge facing today’s enterprises and researchers,” said Manuvir Das, head of enterprise computing at NVIDIA. “Native GPU acceleration for the entire Spark 3.0 pipeline — from ETL to training to inference — delivers the performance and scale needed to finally connect the potential of big data with the power of AI.”

Additional details are available here.

Google cloud training
Google announced a new free training program that include webinars and resources for hands-on labs and learning, covering topics such as the basics of Google Cloud to more advanced topics like building robust cloud architecture.

“You can learn how to improve the way you build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage incidents in the DevOps webinar. The Cloud Architect webinar will discuss how to ensure you’re designing, developing, and managing effective solutions,” Google wrote in a blog post that contains all of the details on the new courses. 

It also includes courses for cloud professionals such as Professional Cloud DevOps and Professional Cloud Architect. 

MariaDB SkySQL power tier
MariaDB added a ‘Power Tier’ that lets enterprises customize options and configurations to fit their distinct requirements.

Power adds important benefits such as the ability to customize instance types to maximize efficiency and resource utilization for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and the ability to meet specific enterprise security, high availability or disaster recovery requirements, according to MariaDB. 

SkySQL Power also lets enterprises control the custom instance size options available for their team to use. The full SkySQL stack including monitoring, self-service of standard instance sizes, automated backup and other foundation capabilities remain available to Power customers.

Additional details are available here.

Identity Vault 4.0
This latest release of Identity Vault offers enhanced Android support by adding Android 10 (SDK 29) and AndroidX support. Face Unlock and Iris Unlock are also now available.

“Identity Vault makes it easy to add secure biometric authentication to Ionic apps in minutes, using the latest in native security best practices,” the Ionic Framework wrote in a blog post.

The new release also includes safe, private, and encrypted storage of authentication tokens; always-on session management; a modular easy-to-consume service; ongoing updates and maintenance; and a backend agnostic design that works with any authentication provider or custom API. 

Sonatype expands Nexus coverage
Sonatype announced native support for 11 additional ecosystems including C/C++, R, Swift 

and Objective-C. 

With these additions, Sonatype now supports 38 different languages and package formats.

“By continuing to expand support for the most popular component formats, Nexus Lifecycle and Nexus Firewall help millions of developers automatically keep flawed open source components from entering — or being used across — their DevOps pipeline,” Sonatype wrote in a blog post.