The newly announced OpenAI Startup Fund is investing $100 million to partner with a small number of early-stage startups that are involved in fields that have a lot of potential for AI like health care, climate change and education.

The companies in the fund will also get early access to future OpenAI systems, support from its team and credits on Azure. 

The application and more information about the fund is available here.

JFrog Private Distribution Network

JFrog’s new JFrog distribution capability is part of the JFrog DevOps platform and it enables enterprises to easily set up and manage a secure, massively scalable hybrid distribution network. 

“Enterprises that struggled with delivering applications closer to the consumer edge, rolling out releases across massive runtime environments or IoT fleets can now easily accelerate and scale to meet their distribution needs with a Private Distribution Network, enabling the consumption of software as fast as possible with complete traceability and control from any source to any deployment target,” said Yoav Landman, the co-founder and CTO of JFrog.

The new solution also offers out-of-the-box support for open-source security vulnerability and licenses compliance policies, RBAC, and traceability and visibility into all distribute packages and downloads.

Databricks Data Live Tables and Unity Catalog annuncedo

Databricks announced Delta Live Tables to simplify the development and management of reliable data pipelines on Delta Lake; and Unity Catalog, a unified data catalog that makes it easy to discover and govern all of an organization’s data assets.

Delta Live Tables abstracts away the low-level instructions to remove any potential sources of error and then automatically creates instructions for both data transformations and data validations. 

Unity Catalog provides one interface that offers fine-grained governance for all data assets, to make it easier for organizations to unify their data on the Databricks Lakehouse platform. 

Additional details on the new solutions are available here.

Google Dataplex announced

The new Google Dataplex is an intelligent data fabric for analytics at scale that provides a way for organizations to centrally, manage, monitor and govern their data across data lakes, data warehouses and data marts. 

It also includes AI and ML capabilities and a flexible consumption model so that users will spend less time wrestling with the infrastructure. 

Dataplex provides fully managed, one-click analytics environments that enable users to leverage Apache Spark and BigQuery with support for other engines coming in the future, according to Google in a blog post.