The PostgreSQL Development Group announced its first beta release of PostgreSQL 12, an open-source object-relational database system that extends the SQL language.

PostgreSQL also includes new features that span partitioning, collartion, JSON path queries, inlined with queries and more.

The new release aims to improve the performance of the standard B-tree indexes with improvements to the space management of the indexes, the company explained in a post.  It also allows users to rebuild indexes concurrently, enabling a reindex operation without blocking any writes to the index.

Rust 1.35.0 is available
The Rust team announced version 1.35.0 of the Rust programming language.

The new version adds FnOnce, FnMute and Fn closure traits for Box<dyn FnOnce>, Box<dyn FnMut>, and Box<dyn Fn>respectively. It also enables users to coerce closures to unsafe function pointers.

The closure traits were implemented to get rid of the previous need to create temporary closure to pass boxed functions in prior iterations of the language, according to Rust’s post.

Dependabot integrates in GitHub
Dependabot is being integrated into GitHub, after Github acquired the company. Dependabot Core is a collection of helper classes for automating dependency updating.

Dependabot is now free and the Dependabot dashboard will no longer be needed since it is integrated into GitHub.

The tool can check for the latest version of a dependency that’s resolvable given a project’s other dependencies, generates lockfiles for the updated dependency version, and find changelogs and release notes. It currently works with Ruby, JavaScript, PHP and Python.

Molecula launches for enterprise data AI readiness
Molecula launched its new brand and enterprise software suite for enterprise data AI readiness. The company has rebranded from the name Pilosa, which was also its flagship open-source project.

The new Molecule Data Virtualization Platform aims to secure access to large, fragmented and geographically dispersed datasets to support AI/ML workloads, according to a post by the company.

“With Molecula, we are bringing this core technology to the Enterprises to virtualize all of the data, irrespective of the source, format or location to make it truly AI-ready,” said H.O. Maycotte, the CEO of Pilosa.