Postman announced that its is offering support for GraphQL with the release of Postman v7.2.

GraphQL offers more precise querying, which is useful when working with large APIs that return a lot of data, according to Postman.

Postman v7.2 supports sending GraphQL queries in the request body, GraphQL variables and GraphQL query autocompletion. Additionally, GraphQL support paired the recent release of schema support and building APIs directly in Postman means users can now create and store GraphQL schemas directly in Postman itself, the team explained

“GraphQL is a crucial spec that has been growing in popularity and we’re excited to support developers whose workflow involves testing GraphQL APIs,” Postman wrote in a post.

Compuware expands CI/CD with machine learning and Git integration
Compuware expanded its CI/CD solution with the addition of advanced analytics software zAdviser as well as Git integration and customized expert services.

With the combination of zAdviser and ISPW, the company’s CI/CD solution, customers can utilize machine learning to improve mainframe software development and delivery, Compuware explained. Meanwhile, its new customized end-to-end service, ISPW Sentry Services, will offer expert assistance with maintenance and upgrades.

“The modernization of mainframe software delivery to a state of high-performance is absolutely achievable, said Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware. “Companies can transform their most critical back-end platform by enabling a preferred developer experience, automating manual-process constraints, integrating with best-in-class tools and inspiring a culture of continuous improvement inspired and guided by software delivery KPIs of velocity, quality and efficiency.”

ActiveState automates builds of custom Python and Perl runtimes for Windows
ActiveState is enhancing its SaaS offering to automate builds of custom Python and Perl runtimes for Windows.

The ActiveState Platform allows users to automatically build minimal runtimes specific to their project. The result is a runtime environment with a smaller footprint that uses less resources, and offers a decreased attack surface, according to the company.

Additionally, the State Tool can be used to automatically download and install custom runtime into a virtual environment on any workstation with a single command.

“The ActiveState Platform allows developers to automate the building of runtimes from our catalog of Python and Perl packages to suit the unique needs of their projects,” said Jeff Rouse, the vice president of product management at ActiveState.

Software AG’s lightweight integration and development tool
Software AG unveiled webMethods Service Designer, a lightweight integrated design and development tool for building integrations and APIs.

This provides users a one year free trial to develop Flow services, APIs and integrations using Eclipse and to generate unit test cases for DevOps automation, according to Software AG.

“To compete, you need to harness your digital DNA by connecting business apps, devices, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and hybrid cloud and quickly be ready for what’s next. The webMethods Service Designer offers a lightweight possibility to do just that – be ready virtually overnight for whatever comes next,” said Stefan Sigg, chief product officer at Software AG.