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Postman v11 enables better collaboration on APIs with an improved update feed, comment mode, and more

Postman has released a number of updates designed to help companies more effectively collaborate on API development. “An API should be built with its user in mind. Users need to know what an API is and how it works. If they can’t do that, they waste a lot of time looking for the information, struggling … continue reading

Report: APIs responsible for over a quarter of revenue for nearly half of all companies

This is according to Postman’s 2023 State of the API report, which revealed that nearly two-thirds of respondents are generating revenue from their APIs. Of those, 43% generate over a quarter of their company’s revenue through APIs. Respondents judged the success of APIs by how much revenue they bring in, which is the second measure … continue reading

Postman Flows makes building software more accessible

The API platform Postman today announced Postman Flows, a visual tool to create API applications. This release helps to make the process of building software easier by using APIs as building blocks so anyone can produce workflows, integrations, and automations without needing to write any code. “APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, … continue reading

Postman and Microsoft announce partnership

The team at the API platform Postman today announced that it will be teaming up with Microsoft in order to further support developers across every stage of the API-first lifecycle and offer a comprehensive API experience for Microsoft Azure users.  The Postman API Platform works to simplify each step of the API-first lifecycle as well … continue reading

Postman updates its API platform

Postman API announced that it’s redefining the API Management category with the launch of a new version of the platform.  The new and improved features include deeper integration with version control systems, all-new private API networks which provides a central directory of all internal APIs in an organization, and simplified API documentation and onboarding.  The … continue reading

SD Times news digest: A recap of Nim in 2020, Postman API Hack announced, and TIBCO acquires Information Builders

The makers of Nim, a concise and fast programming language that compiles to C, C++, and JavaScript took a look back at their achievements in 2020: two new memory management strategies (ARC and ORC), and the first Nim conference.  Nim 1.4 was the latest release of the language in October, which brought a new major … continue reading

Report: A majority of companies feel confident about API security

Companies are feeling confident about the security of their APIs, even in the midst of frequent reports of API security breaches and misuse. A newly released report from API platform provider Postman found almost three quarters of respondents feel their APIs were “very secure” or have “above-average security,” and only 2.4% responded that their APIs … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Postman supports GraphQL, Compuware expands CI/CD, and ActiveState automates Python and Perl runtimes for Windows

Postman announced that its is offering support for GraphQL with the release of Postman v7.2. GraphQL offers more precise querying, which is useful when working with large APIs that return a lot of data, according to Postman. Postman v7.2 supports sending GraphQL queries in the request body, GraphQL variables and GraphQL query autocompletion. Additionally, GraphQL … continue reading

Postman 7.0 released with extended roles and permissions

API development solution provider Postman announced the latest version of its platform with new ways for developers and teams to manage access control. Postman 7.0 includes extended roles and permissions, allowing users to manage teammates on collection, team and workspace levels. According to the company, this is a major update that gives team leaders the … continue reading

How do you add value to the CI/CD pipeline?

Michael Ryan, CTO of Mobile Labs: Mobile Labs’ re-engineered mobile device cloud GigaFox adds value to the CI/CD pipeline by making it possible to implement continuous mobile testing on real devices under the control of the build system. This ensures that all apps are automatically installed to the proper device types for automated or manual … continue reading

Adding value to your CI/CD pipeline

One of the first principles of the Agile Manifesto says to satisfy customers by delivering working software frequently. The problem, however, is that it doesn’t say exactly how we can do that. “Working software is the only measure of progress, but how to you measure that? You need to integrate and test the software as … continue reading

Postman opens up features from its paid plan

API development environment provider Postman has announced major updates to its app. Starting with Postman 6.2, all free Postman users will be able to create Postman teams, use team workspaces, and use collaboration features, all of which were previously available only to customers of Postman’s paid plans. These features will now be scaled for individuals … continue reading Protection Status