The team at the API platform Postman today announced that it will be teaming up with Microsoft in order to further support developers across every stage of the API-first lifecycle and offer a comprehensive API experience for Microsoft Azure users. 

The Postman API Platform works to simplify each step of the API-first lifecycle as well as promotes collaboration so that company’s can create better APIs with increased speed.

Microsoft Azure API Management is a hybrid, multi-cloud management platform that helps to abstract back-end services and create modern API gateways available in over 50 regions around the world. 

“This announcement is great news for organizations that recognize APIs as fundamental business assets critical to digital transformation,” said Abhijit Kane, co-founder of Postman. “By uniting the world’s top API platform and a leading cloud provider, our two companies have taken a significant step in giving customers the comprehensive set of tools they need for accelerating the API lifecycle.”

With this partnership, users can create and test their APIs in Postman, deploy them to Azure, and simplify customers’ API onboarding experience.

Additionally, customers gain Postman-initiated imports from Azure API Management, the ability to export OpenAPI definitions to Azure API Management, and Azure API Management-initiated export of APIs into Postman. 

“Our goal is to enable developers with the most efficient way to build, manage, consume and collaborate with APIs, so a partnership with Postman was a natural decision for us,” said Balan Subramanian at Microsoft. “Our integrations will enable customers to realize productivity benefits at each phase of the API lifecycle. Together, we look forward to seeing how developers and customers everywhere will continue to drive innovation across their organizations by embracing an API-first culture.”

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