PyCharm 2019.1 is now available. The latest release includes a keymap for Sublime Text, improved data class inheritance in Python, the ability to debug large collections, and more.

New features only available in the Professional Edition include direct Jupyter Notebook editing,  improved HTML and CSS quick documentation, a new JavaScript debug console, and more.

Kong raises $43 million in funding and releases Kong 1.1
API provider Kong has raised $43 million in Series C funding. The funding round was led by Index Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz, Charles Rivers Ventures, GGV Capital, and World Innovation Lab participated. The company will use the money to develop a service control platform that can intelligently broker information across many different services.

The company also released version 1.1 of its platform. Kong 1.1 offers increased resource efficiency, simplified management, a streamlined configuration process, and increased end-to-end automation.

Glacier Deep Archive for Amazon S3
Amazon has created a new method for storing important and infrequently accessed data in Amazon S3. Glacier Deep Archive is meant to provide “durable and secure long-term storage for large amounts of data.” According to Amazon, the data is stored across three different Availability Zones and can be retrieved in under 12 hours.

“You no longer need to deal with expensive and finicky tape drives, arrange for off-premises storage, or worry about migrating data to newer generations of media,” Amazon wrote in a post.

.inc TLD launches to deter cybersquatters
A new top-level domain (TLD) has been launched in an attempt to deter cybersquatting, which is the practice of buying up domains and then overselling them to companies who want them. The .inc domain can be used for anything business related.

An added benefit of the .inc TLD is that several companies will be offering benefits to those who register a .inc site. According to Intercap Registry, the operator of the .inc domain, registrants will get over $2,500 in benefits from companies such as WeWork, Square, Intuit, Google Ads, and Delta Air Lines.