Python 2.7 has officially retired as of January 1st to fully make way for Python 3.

For those that are still using Python 2, there is advice for running Python 2 code in Python 3 to ease the transition. 

According to a post, a number of critical Python projects have pledged to stop supporting Python 2 soon, including TensorFlow, PyTorch and Apache Spark. 

Coral products for 2020
Coral announced all of the products for 2020 including the Coral Accelerator Module, a multi-chip package that encapsulates the Edge TPU ASIC, the Coral Dev Board Mini and Coral System-on-Module.

“More and more industries are beginning to recognize the value of local AI, where the speed of local inference allows considerable savings on bandwidth and cloud compute costs, and keeping data local preserves user privacy,” Google wrote in a blog post that described the upcoming products. 

Also, Asus has chosen the Coral SOM and the base to their Tinker Edge product, a single-board computer that features a rich set of I/O interfaces, multiple camera connectors, programmable LEDs, and a color-coded GPIO header. 

Apache Pulsar reaches new milestone
Apache Pulsar reached 200 contributors, showing a trend that more organizations are embracing real-time data and stream processing, according to Pulsar.

Pulsar aims to create a unified solution that connects, stores and processes real-time events. 

“We will be continuously dedicated to making Pulsar as a highly flexible, scalable and reliable product and creating a welcoming and sustainable community where Pulsar and you can thrive together,” Pulsar wrote in a post.