With the release of Python 3.9.1, Python now supports macOS 11.0 and Apple Silicon Macs. Additionally, the universal build variant universal2 has been added to natively support ARM64 and Intel 64. Binaries are now able to be built on current macOS versions and deployed on older versions. The new release after Apple’s announcement to ditch Intel chips and create its own architecture, Apple Silicon.

Python 3.9.1 also includes new features and optimizations as well as 282 changes since 3.9.0.

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Devart announces Entity Developer 6.1
The latest version of the visual ORM designer for .NET ORM frameworks features Entity Framework Core 5.0 support, new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers and breaking changes for dotConnect assemblies with ENtity Framework Core functionality.

Assembly changes are targeted to dotConnect for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite Devart.Data.***.EFCore NuGet packages.

The release also detects many-to-many associations and table-per-type inheritances automatically.

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Qt 6.0 announced
Qt 6.0 marks a major version and milestone for the Qt team.

Qt 5 has been a fantastic success over the years, and we have seen an enormous growth of our user base and Qt usage over eight years since we released Qt 5.0. But the world has undergone significant changes since 2012. Qt usage in embedded systems has skyrocketed, C++ has evolved, and new 3D graphics APIs have emerged. These are examples of factors that have directly affected Qt,” the team wrote in a blog post.

Qt 6 is designed to be a productivity platform for the future. It continues the At 5 series, but focuses on supporting future requirements. Qt 6 was designed to be cross platform, scalable, feature reach with APIs, tools and documentation, and maintainable.

ZeroNorth and ShiftLeft team up on app security
As part of the partnership, ZeroNorth will support ShiftLeft’s NextGen Static Analysis solution. According to the companies, this will provide app security automation and orchestration capabilities as well as help teams identity, prioritize and remove vulnerabilities faster.

“Our users love the integration between ShiftLeft NextGen Static Analysis and ZeroNorth. ShiftLeft provides instant security feedback with every pull request and developers never have to wait. With the ZeroNorth integration this feedback and overall security posture is quickly and comprehensively relayed to AppSec teams and Security Managers. Our customers have reported major increases in developer productivity and ease of managing their security programs,” said Alok Shukla, vice president of products at ShiftLeft.