Microsoft announced the September 2021 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, which includes a rich Python editing experience in the browser, a revamped testing experience, and a new button for running and debugging files on the editor.

The new version also includes an update regarding the Microsoft Python Language Server’s end of life with Pylance now as the default language support, as well as an update for Python 2.7 IntelliSense support.

The full list of improvements and new features is available here.

Elastic completes acquisition of

The company behind ElasticSearch and the Elastic Stack announced that it has completed the acquisition of, a policy definition and enforcement platform that leverages the open-source standard Open Policy Agent.

“ will enhance our customer’s ability to ensure that their cloud environments are secure in keeping with the policies they have in place, continuously validate their security posture against well-established standards such as the CIS benchmarks, and resolve the complexity associated with building authorization into applications at deployment time,” said Shay Banon, founder and CEO of Elastic.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud 2021.08 

The new release of the cloud-based performance engineering solution includes the ability to customize the capacity for cloud load generators from the user interface, new locations added for cloud load generators, enhanced GIT integration, and more. 

Also, when adding or removing on-premises load generators in a test, users can use the Distribute Evenly button to automatically assign an equal number of Vusers to all on-premises load generators participating in the test.

DOM interactive event, DOM content loaded event duration, and Page load event duration are new client-side experience measurements that were added to the dashboard metrics. 

Additional details are available here.