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Redis Labs announced that it is adding stronger consistency, integrated data models, low sub-millisecond latency for a globally deployed database and artificial intelligence to further Redis as a real-time data platform. 

RedisRaft will be available in Redis 7.0 and will enable Redis to be deployed and run in a strongly consistent fashion, according to the company. 

Additionally, the company announced new out-of-the-box integration of RedisJSON and RediSearch, enabling developers to natively store, index, query, and perform full-text search on documents that accelerate application modernization initiatives. 

Additional details on all of the features in Redis Labs are available here.

Octopus announces new funding
Octopus Deploy, a deployment automation software company, announced that it closed a $172.5 million investment as the first venture funding the company accepted. 

“In the last couple of years as our product has evolved, enterprises have become our fastest-growing segment. On the product side, we found we have a compelling solution for enterprises looking to create consistency in how they deploy software. But as an R&D-centric company, enterprise go-to-market didn’t come particularly naturally to us, so traction to date has been organic,” said Paul Stovell, founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy. “As we got to know Insight Partners, it was clear that they will be a great help as we grow and scale our sales and enterprise go-to-market.”

Octopus Deploy provides release management, deployment automation and ops automation all on its platform that include a broad range of supported application types and deployment targets from on-premises to cloud-native and PaaS. 

Perfecto Scriptless and support for Cypress framework announced
Perfecto, which provides solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility and scale, announced the launch of Perfecto Scriptless and support for the Cypress framework. 

Perfecto Scriptless enables non-technical testers and business testers to create automation visually and it also streamlines the maintenance and test updates with AI-powered self-healing tests. 

Meanwhile, Cypress within Perfecto enables shift-left testing at scale across multiple browser/OS combinations and lets users integrate Cypress into their CI/CD pipeline. 

“Perfecto is taking all these moving pieces — market-led innovations like AI, shifting business needs and organizational dynamics, and rising open-source technologies like Cypress — and folding them into a single testing platform, so businesses have a comprehensive solution for intelligent test automation that can handle the scale, security, and sophistication that enterprises require,” said Tim Russell, the Perforce chief product officer. 

HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal
The new HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal is a developer hub for the Android Automotive developer community.

Those developing to the Android Automotive open operating system can deploy automotive apps with which OEMS can then easily scale and manage to drive new digital touchpoints. 

Starting today, developers will receive access to resources including toolkits, technical documentation, best practices, code samples, training, and other development aids as well as the ability to collaborate, test and document applications directly within the portal.