The developers of Ruby announced version 2.7.0 which introduces new features and performance improvements such as pattern matching, REPL improvement, compaction GC and the separation of positional and keyword arguments. 

The new release also includes performance improvements such as JIT -ed code now being recompiled to less-optimized code when an optimization assumption is invalidated. 

The full list of changes in Ruby 2.7 is available here. 

PyPy 7.3 released

PyPy 7.3 has been released with two different interpreters, including PyPy2.7 and PyPy3.6.

In addition, the Linux downloads provided are now built on top of the manylinux2010 CentOS6 Docker image. 

The new release also includes many updates such as the CFFI backend now upgraded to version 1.13.1 and the built-in cppyy module now upgraded to 1.10.6. 

The full details on the new release are available here.

Sensory unveils domain-specific assistants for smart appliances

Sensory announced the release of its domain-specific assistant for smart appliances. It’s a specialized model of TrulyNatural, the company’s large vocabulary speech recognition and natural language understanding platform.

TrulyNatural enhances products with an intelligent natural language user interface, while keeping voice data private and secure. Voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored, according to the company. 

“TrulyNatural is the perfect solution for device makers that want to create powerful products capable of understanding and responding to spoken commands, but don’t need the added complexity, component costs and potential privacy risks associated with leveraging a cloud-based voice services platform,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.