The latest Rust programming langauge release enables new things to appear in ‘const fn,’ two new standard library APIs, and one feature useful for library authors.

By including the features in ‘const fn’, this led to a 40x performance improvement in Microsoft’s WinRT bindings for Rust, according to the working group behind the language.

The two new APIs that were stabilized in this release include ‘Option::zip’ and ‘vec::Drain::as_slice.’ 

Additional details on the release are available here.

AnalysisLevel introduced in .NET 5’s C# compiler
The new release automatically finds latent bugs in code in the new .NET 5 SDK. Before, users would need to install NuGet packages or other stand-alone tools to get more code analysis.

The AnalysisLevel in the C# compiler introduces warnings for these patterns in a safe way, according to Microsoft

In the future, Microsoft said it will add a new analysis level for every release of .NET. The goal is to make sure that a given analysis level always represents the same set of analysis defaults (the rules and their severities).

Additional details are available here.

ArangoDB 3.7 released
ArangoDB 3.7 introduces new graph and search features that improve the database’s capability to work with highly-connected data at any scale.

This includes the addition of SatelliteGraphs and Disjoint SmartGraphs to ArangoDB Enterprise. The new version also now has fuzzy search and other improvements to its integrated full-text search engine. 

“As organizations continue along their digital transformation, they need to be able to combine various forms of data from an increasing number of sources to answer today’s questions,” said Claudius Weinberger, the CEO and co-founder of ArangoDB. With ArangoDB 3.7, we’ve reached a critical milestone in our journey to build the most adaptive database – a database that is not only about data, but can also contribute to the development and innovation process.”

Announcements for Sendbird Chat
With Announcements, brands and marketers can reach customers by sending relevant and memorable messages to their existing chat streams and forge real human connections with their customers.

“With COVID-19 defining a ‘new normal,’ where high-quality digital connections increasingly matter, brands must adopt new ways to build engagement and connections with customers. In-app chat has already built connections among app users globally and now Sendbird Chat Announcements can help keep customers connected with brands,” Sendbird wrote in a blog post.

An app administrator can create an announcement campaign manually through the Sendbird dashboard. Or a developer can create announcements programmatically through the Sendbird Chat API. releases new deep learning course and 4 libraries released fastaiv2, as well as fastcore, fastscript, and fastgpu: foundational libraries used in fastaiv2.

Fastai is a deep learning library that provides practitioners with high-level components that can quickly and easily provide state-of-the-art results in standard deep learning domains

Also, the newly released Practical Deep Learning for Coders guide incorporates both an introduction to machine learning, and deep learning, and production and deployment of data products.

Additional details on the new releases are available here.