Software company launched the WebAssembly Hub to allow users to easily add new functionalities to their service mesh.

“At, we believe that extending the functionality of your service mesh should be simple and secure,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of “This is why we’re excited about integrating Wasm with Envoy Proxy. We built the WebAssembly Hub to help end users develop extensions and consume them.”

With the WebAssembly Hub, users can take code to their favorite supported language and build it into a Wasm Envoy extension with a single command, allow users to share their extensions and provide all configuration updates that users need to add an extension to Envoy, Istio, Gloo and any other Envoy-based products that support Wasm. 

Secure Code Warrior raises $47.6 million for reducing bugs
Secure Code Warrior announced that it secured $47 million in a Series B funding round.

Secure Code Warrior is an online secure coding platform that includes support for nearly 30 programming languages and frameworks and delivers more than 3,500 training modules that cover software weaknesses that include the OWASP Top 10. 

“Secure Code Warrior’s vision is to make developers the first line of defense by making security highly visible and providing them with the skills and tools needed to write secure code from the beginning. Our purpose is to support their ultimate goal of shipping secure code with confidence,” said Pieter Danhieux, the co-founder, CEO and chairman of Secure Code Warrior.

Accenture aims to help users with the public cloud
Accenture launched the Accenture Cloud Native Core Solution to help enterprises leverage the public cloud for business agility and results. 

The new solution aims to help users to change the architectural style to microservices/serverless, use Agile software development approaches, adapt fresh DevOps processes and to select the right hyperscale cloud platform.

The company said that the Accenture Cloud Native Solution is ideal for industries that require a mission critical core backbone system, such as financial services.

EDB Postgres Platform 12 released
EnterpriseDB announced the launch of its Postgres Platform 12, which includes updates to the company’s flagship database management system (DBMS) and tools. 

Postgres 12 improves performance for partitioned tables and support for standard SQL and JSON path expressions through an automated interval partitioning feature and certification with other management tools. 

In addition, EDB Postgres Kubernetes Operator adds support for EDB Postgres Advanced Server 12, which automates configuration of the database, so that deploying and scaling on Kubernetes is faster for developers and DevOps teams, according to the company in a post. 

Electron joins the OpenJS Foundation
The OpenJS Foundation announced that the open-source framework Electron was accepted into the foundation’s incubation program. 

Electron was created to help with building desktop apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS,  and is based on Node.js and Chromium. 

“With the Foundation, we’ll continue on our mission to play a prominent role in the adoption of web technologies by desktop applications and provide a path for JavaScript to be a sustainable platform for desktop applications,” said Jacob Groundwater, Manager at ElectronJS and Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft. “This will enable the adoption and development of JavaScript in an environment that has traditionally been served by proprietary or platform-specific technologies.”