Spectral’s newly released Preflight solution is an open-source tool designed to help developers defend against supply chain attacks by automatically verifying and safely executing a user’s CI and third-party scripts. 

The solution queries popular anti-malware services to verify and block binaries if they contain malware. 

“Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated, with a variety of tools, but their basic strategy is always the same: gain access to the most sensitive and valuable information, like sensitive tokens, API keys, credit card numbers and bank account details, by finding weaknesses,” said Dotan Nahum, the CEO and co-founder of Spectral. Most importantly, hackers will exploit any weakness they come across, so the only defense is to continuously and automatically protect and monitor supply chain gaps and public blindspots.”

Amazon Location Service GA

Amazon Location Service is now generally available with new routing and satellite imagery capabilities.

The new satellite imagery capability enables developers to load maps with information and provide more context to map users 

Meanwhile, with Amazon Location Routes, an application can now request the travel time, distance, and all directions between two locations so that application users can get accurate travel-time estimates in real time. 

Additional details are available here.

Agora App Builder launched

According to the company, the Agora App builder helps users build custom apps tailored to their specific use case and brand. 

The new solution offers no-code customization options and the ability to go live for non-technical creators, a UI with multiple features and ultra-low latency, Agora explained.

“Some creators and companies want to offer more unique, branded and use-case specific apps to their fans, customers, and partners without spending a ton of money on development or sacrificing features and streaming quality. That’s exactly why we built Agora App Builder,” said Sid Sharma, the senior director of developer relations and partner engineering at Agora.

Cobalt releases a public API

Cobalt launched a new public API to enable users to integrate platform data into other tools, streamline security and development workflows and analyze findings. 

Cobalt’s public API will enable customers to integrate Cobalt findings with the developer, security, and risk tools of their choosing.

“Integrations play a major role in scaling pentest programs and effectively managing pentest data across many tools and workflows. In fact, a lack of integrations can prolong the lead time to triage and remediate vulnerabilities, which can lead to greater risk of breach. We want to enable security and development teams to be more productive and have more confidence in their cybersecurity posture,” said Eric Brinkman, the chief product officer at Cobalt.