Syncfusion announced its new cloud-based BI intelligence platform, Bold BI, which enables developers and business analysts to create interactive dashboards from raw data sources.

The platform integrates with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as well as generic access to any data source through support of REST.

It also includes drag-and-drop design features, real-time collaboration on dashboards integration with Office 365 and Active Directory, and end-to-end support from onboarding to the finished product.

“It’s easy to write off human support as an extra feature, but we consider it essential to what makes Bold BI unique and useful,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion.

Postman announces $50 million in funding for API collaboration
Postman secured $50 million in Series B funding, which it plans to use to further the company in the API collaboration space.

According to the company, the new investment will help it accelerate its product roadmap, expand its commitment to helping companies leverage Postman across the enterprise, and increase customer support and success throughout the Postman community.

“APIs are the building blocks of effective software – so while software might be eating the world, we know that APIs are eating software. Innovation in APIs will drive the future of software development, and this funding will further accelerate Postman’s growth in the API ecosystem,” said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman.

Progress releases OpenEdge Pro2 6.0
Progress’ new release of the data replication solution OpenEdge Pro2 6.0 features a new modern UI, performance enhancements, and ease-of-use improvements.

Usability improvements include a simplified guided replication wizard, backward compatibility during version upgrades, and rapid setup through improved installation processes.

“Organizations are under immense pressure to drive innovation within their organization by implementing the latest technology advancements, while maintaining and modernizing a slew of legacy systems,” John Ainsworth, SVP of core products for Progress, wrote in a post. “[The updated solution] provides added layers of agility and speed, removes complexity and delivers the reporting and analytics capabilities businesses require as part of the critical data replication process.”

New Timescale Cloud enables developers to migrate time-series workloads
Timescale Cloud, a fully-managed time-series database service, has been announced. The solution enables developers to deploy and migrate time-series workloads across a variety of regions around the world and improves working with open-source software.

“A managed cloud service makes open-source software even better: it relieves the burden of software management and operations (eg uptime, backups, updates) and frees developers to focus on their core application,” Timescale wrote in a post.

Timescale Cloud delivers fully-managed instances of TimesscaleDB and includes built-in high-availability, automated monitoring, automated backups, and point-in-time restore, according to the company.

Imperva announces 3 second DDoS mitigation
Cybersecurity company Imperva announced a 3 second DDoS mitigation solution to prevent account takeover attacks and protect APIs.

The solution is built on top of Imperva’s integrated single-stack architecture and includes a CDN that was recently enhanced with developer access, according to the company.

“Leveraging advances in artificial intelligence, Imperva lets enterprises ensure that only business-critical traffic reaches websites by eliminating botnet traffic long before it reaches a customer’s web applications,” the company wrote in a post.