Tableau Software announced the general availability of Explain Data in its 2019.3 release. This capability enables users to use advanced statistical analysis with no complex data modeling or data science expertise, the company explained.

Additionally, the release also expands the company’s data management capabilities with a new Tableau Catalog that introduced a new Tableau Server Management Add-On. The add-on is designed to help customers more efficiently manage their enterprise-wide deployments of Tableau Server.

“As the amount of data increases and the pace of decision-making accelerates, the need for data management has never been more critical to foster a thriving data culture,” said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer at Tableau. “With Tableau 2019.3, we’re integrating data management directly into the analytics experience, making it easier for customers to curate and prepare all the data needed for analysis and improving visibility and increasing trust in the data for everyone within an organization.”

Redgate SQL Change Automation 4.0
Redgate launched its SQL Change Automation 4.0 tool, which extends the database change management automation tool to the free Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Developers can now choose whether to work in Microsoft Visual Studio or SSMS.

With Database DevOps, companies are increasingly adopting CI/CD of database changes. Change automation supports this with, freeing teams from manual database change management tasks, like sorting out deployment scripts, speeding up deployments and allowing developers to focus on more value-added work, the company explained.

“This new capability especially benefits heterogenous development teams where developers and database administrators want to use their development environment of choice, but still follow the same DevOps processes when it comes to database changes,” Redgate wrote, adding that this will especially benefit specialist database developers and DBAs to work with SSMS even if they’re collaborating with full stack developers. 

Microsoft releases Cascadia Code
Microsoft released Cascadia Code, the latest open-source monospaced font shipped from Microsoft. The company recommended that it be used with terminal applications and text editors such as Visual Studio. 

The language supports programming ligatures, which create new glyphs by combining characters and making the code more readable and user-friendly for some users. 

Cascadia Code version 1909.16 is now available on GitHub and it’ll be following the Windows versioning syntax as the font receives updates with new and refined glyphs.

The full details are available here.

Eclipse 2019-09 released
Eclipse announced the 2019-09 release of its Eclipse IDE is now available with 76 participating projects. 

The updated version introduced new features for Git integration for Eclipse, C and C++ development tooling (CDT) as well many others. The full list of new and noteworthy items of various projects is available here.