Talend has updated its Talend Data Fabric platform with a focus on the Talend Trust Score. According to the company, the Talend Trust Score features new advanced capabilities toward assessing the reliability of an organization’s data.

The solution intelligently diagnoses and resolves data integrity issues in multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments. 

The Trust Score exposes the dimensions used to calculate data trust, allowing organizations to understand how data was measured. These dimensions include validity, popularity, completeness, discoverability, and usage. 

“Talend Trust Score enables enterprises to operate with confidence in their data, and dramatically improve the reliability and accuracy of real-time decision making,” said Ciaran Dynes, senior vice president of products at Talend.

Linux Foundation announces serverless on Kubernetes training course
The Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation released a new, free training course, Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes, on the edX platform

The course explains how to build serverless functions that can run on any cloud, without being restricted by limits on the execution duration, languages available, or the size of your code. It is designed to provide an overview of how a serverless approach works in tandem with a Kubernetes cluster.

Students should have an understanding of cloud and container technologies, including Kubernetes, and experience with Python.                           

Coder announces new automated capabilities
Coder announced new functionality for secrets, metrics and multi-IDE support to increase developer velocity and enrich the user experience in its latest Coder Enterprise platform.

With Coder Enterprise, developers can now leverage Kubernetes’ secrets store allowing organizations to create objects to store sensitive strings or user-specific values, such as passwords and client IDs/secrets securely. 

Coder Enterprise now includes metrics, which enable developers to track the amount of time spent working in a specific environment and the time spent using Coder. 

Apache weekly update
Last week in Apache news saw the release of Apache Ranger 2.1.0, which adds audit logging to Elasticsearch, as well as Apache Accumulo 1.10.0 in the Big Data sector. 

Library updates include Apache Commons IO 2.8.0, OpenJPA 3.1.2, and OpenWebBeans-2.0.18

New database releases include Apache Geode 1.13.0 and ZooKeeper 3.6.2.

Full details on all of last week’s releases are available here.