Mozilla, Reddit, Twitter, Patreon, and other other tech companies are pushing for the House of Representatives to consider the Wyden/Daines amendment when they look at the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act. The amendment would expressly prohibit the use of Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act for the warrantless collection of search and browsing history.

The group stated that the amendment already attracted support from a Senate supermajority as well as many bipartisan groups. 

“Some of us do not collect this information; some of us have pressed the courts to adopt a higher standard for this data; all of us believe this information should only be produced with a warrant. Congress should take this opportunity to resolve any potential ambiguity and provide strong legal protections for all search and browsing history,” the group wrote in a letter.

CData and HULFT partner to break down data silos
Through the new partnership, the HULFT platform adds interoperability with CData connectivity, providing more access for HULFT customers to connect their data from over 200 business solutions.

“The CData Drivers expand access to data locked in legacy systems and enable consumption of that data by the business intelligence and analytics platforms, SaaS systems, and logical data warehousing platforms that data scientists and citizen analysts alike use for digital transformation,” CData wrote in a post.

The drivers include several key innovations such as standards-based JDBC connectivity, ANSI-92 SQL syntax support, and collaborative query processing.

Apache weekly project updates
New from Apache is Apache Kudu 1.12.0, which now supports native fine-grained authorization via integration with Apache Ranger and the web UI supports proxying via Apache Knox. 

Other releases include Apache JMeter and updates include Apache StreamPipes 0.66.0 released, and IoT toolbox to enable non-technical users to explore IoT data streams, as well as Apache Log4j 2.13.3, Apache Groovy 2.5.12 and 3.0.4, and Apache Tomcat 7.0.104. 

Additional details are available here.

RapidAPI raises $25 million for its API marketplace
RapidAPI raised $25 million to bring new developers and API providers to the Marketplace and expand functionality on its Enterprise API Hub platform.

The Enterprise API Hub is a a private and white-labeled version of its Marketplace that enables development teams, customers, and partners to discover and connect to internal APIs, as well as external API subscriptions.

“Software development is moving toward an API-first model as APIs enable companies to rapidly create the products and services that traditionally would have taken too long to bring to market or wouldn’t have been cost-effective,” RapidAPI wrote in a post.