Fastly is giving developers a new place to build solutions at the edge. The Fastly Developer Hub has been set up to provide developer resources for engaging, innovating, and building at the edge. 

The Developer Hub contains a testing sandbox, ready-to-deploy code snippets, and a growing repository of structured tutorials, reference materials, and documentation.

“Our Developer Hub puts the full power of Fastly in developers’ hands by making it simpler to find the tools they need and by helping them realize what our technology is capable of,” said Adam Denenberg, SVP of Customer Solutions at Fastly.

Progress delivers .NET components, more than 40 Blazor components and .NET 5 support
Progress released the R2 2020 lineup of developer tools, including Progress Telerik for Blazor, which decreases the amount of time and effort needed for developers to get new apps running, and Progress Kendo UI.

Progress also released other enhancements and new components for .NET web, mobile and desktop development across frameworks. 

Progress now offers over 40 native components for Progress Telerik UI for Blazor, including WebAssembly compatibility, and more.

Additional details are available here.

OMG Digital Twin Consortium  
Object Management Group (OMG) formed a Digital Twin Consortium with Ansys, Dell Technologies, Lendlease, and Microsoft to create standard terminology and reference architectures and to share use cases across industries. 

“Digital twin technology enables companies to head off problems before they occur, prevent downtime, improve the customer experience, develop new opportunities, drive innovation and performance and plan for the future using simulations,” OMG wrote in a post.

Members will collaborate across multiple industries to learn from each other and develop and apply best practices.

FileMaker 19 launched
Claris launched FileMaker 19, an open platform that extends low-code development using readily-available JavaScript libraries. 

“As cost pressure grows in our rapidly-changing world, companies need to innovate quickly to boost productivity and deliver for their customers,” said Brad Freitag, the CEO of Claris. “That critical agility is at the core of FileMaker 19 as we open the Claris Platform to the most popular programming language on the planet.”

Developers can use the solution to create using plug-and-play add-ons, extend custom apps with JavaScript, create directly in the cloud, and host wherever they want.

Additional details are available here.

Gremlin’s Windows Chaos Experiments
From within the Gremlin app, engineers can run chaos experiments on any Windows OS (Server 2008 and later, client Vista and later) in order to build confidence in the reliability of Windows applications and services.

The Windows Agent currently allows users to run Shutdown, CPU, Disk, I/O, Memory, and Blackhole attacks. The remaining attacks are in development, according to the company. 

“For example, you can run a shutdown attack to test your Windows Server Failover clustering and build a robust Active Directory service. Attack your network to ensure SQL Server replication doesn’t lose data. And finally, guarantee reliable communications by attacking your Microsoft Exchange Server,” Gremlin wrote in a blog post.