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Microsoft announced the release client for TypeScript 3.8, which brings new features including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, and new syntax for importing/exporting only types. 

New syntax for type-only imports and exports was added to give users more fine-grained control over how things were getting imported/elided. 

The new release also introduced ECMAScript Private Fields, the ability to export, JSDoc property modifiers, better directory watching and watch0ptions, “Fast and Loose” Incremental Checking, and a few minor breaking changes. 

The full details are available here.

Microsoft announces .NET Interactive
Microsoft announced .NET Interactive, which is a group of CLI tools and APIs that enable users to create interactive experiences across the web, markdown, and notebooks. 

The developers decided to split dot net try and dot net interactive tools into separate repos. 

In addition to writing .NET Code in Jupyter Notebooks, users can now write their code in nteract. nteract is an open-source organization that builds SDKs, applications, and libraries that helps people make the most of interactive notebooks and REPLs.

Postman adds new API features for developers

Postman recently moved six highly requested features into GA:

  • GraphQL: Support to send GraphQL requests in Postman
  • CodeGen: Convert requests into code snippets in your chosen language
  • Console: Debug Postman API collections and API Network calls
  • API Builder: Define, developer, test, and observe APIs directly within Postman
  • Interceptor: Sync browser cookies into Postman and capture network requests directly from Chrome
  • Visualizer: Easily visualize API data as charts and graphs

Optimizely announces Agent
Optimizely announced Agent to scale feature delivery and testing across service-oriented architectures. 

This release includes faster implementation of feature flagging and A/B testing across all teams, easier maintenance and monitoring, and the ability to ensure governance and security with a consistent implementation across teams. 

Optimizely Agent is available on GitHub, as a Docker container that can be downloaded on a cluster inside a user’s application. 

The full details are available here.

Apache project updates
Apache project updates this week include the ASF Security report that shows key metrics and specific vulnerabilities across all Apache projects, as well as updates on the monthly blog series that focuses on the people and processes behind ASF. 

Project updates included:

  • Apache Flink 1.9.2
  • Apache Beam 2.19.0
  • Apache NiFi 1.11.1
  • Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.6.20 and 1.8.2
  • ApacheOFBiz 16.11.07
  • Apache Velocity Engine 2.2
  • Apache DeltaSpike 1.9.3
  • Apache Guacamole 1.10

The full list is available here.