The team at the JavaScript library Vue.js yesterday announced that Vue 3 is the new default version. To see what changes need to happen before switching to Vue 3, see the Potential Required Actions

With this change, several aspects of Vue have been revamped, such as:

  • More ergonomic Composition API syntax via <script setup>
  • Improved TypeScript IDE support for Single File Components via Volar
  • Command line type checking for SFCs via vue-tsc

The main documentation has also been reworked, bringing an updated framework overview and recommendations, flexible learning paths for users from differing backgrounds, the ability to toggle between Options API and Composition API, and new deep dive sections. For more information, see here

Panaya Test Dynamix updates

Panaya, an organization specializing in SaaS-based change intelligence and testing for ERP and enterprise cloud applications, today introduced new enhancements into its Panaya Test Dynamix end-to-end smart test management platform. 

Among the newest capabilities are AI-Powered Change Analysis, Automation Rules Center, and additional support for enterprise applications. 

“We are confident that enterprise customers will benefit from the latest enhancements, which will be increasingly critical as agile and DevOps practices become more commonplace,” said David Binny, CEO of Panaya. 

Microsoft adds new features to Copy Dashboard preview 

Included in these new features is the ability for users to select a folder to store queries and configuration carried over with the copy operation. To familiarize yourself with Copy Dashboard, visit here

To utilize this new feature, go to the dashboard you wish to copy and click the menu to bring up “Copy Dashboard.” Next, enter the name and description of the new dashboard and select the type, team, or project. From there, click the “Copy dashboard queries” box in order to create and copy queries. 

The general availability of this feature is set for later this year. If you would like to provide feedback, visit here.