Elyra is a set of AI-centric extensions to JupyterLab Notebooks that includes features like an AI pipelines visual editor; the ability to run a notebook, Python, or R script as a batch job; reusable code snippets, and more.

To create pipelines using the Visual Pipeline Editor, users need to open the JupyterLab Launcher and select the desired pipeline editor type whether that’s Generic, Kubeflow Pipelines, or Apache Airflow. 

Then, they can expand the properties panel and define the pipeline properties and drag-and-drop components from the palette onto the canvas or double click on a palette entry.

Elyra can also act as an extension to the Jupyter Notebook UI to allow for execution of a notebook as a batch job in local or remote cloud environments. In order to use this AI pipelines-enabled feature, users will need either a Kubeflow Pipelines or Apache Airflow deployment through a runtime configuration.

Also, the open-source project leverages Jupyter Enterprise Gateway in order to be able to share resources across distributed clusters such as Apache Spark, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and more. 

Additional features of Elyra include hybrid runtime support, Python and R script editors with local/remote execution capabilities, and Python script navigation using an auto-generated Table of Contents.

Additional details on Elyra are available here