Strapi is an open-source headless CMS written entirely in JavaScript that enables developers to design APIs fast and to manage content easily through a customizable admin panel and API, as well as custom plugins. 

The API works with any client, mobile apps, or even IoT devices using REST or GraphQL. The Content Type structure can be flexed according to a developer’s needs with dozens of fields available and mix-and-match possibilities.

“Break free from traditional CMS technical debt, easily customize and extend your project with your favorite tech stack and tools,” Strapi wrote on its website. “Strapi enables content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital product, channel or device.”

The project is secure by default with reusable policies such as CORS, CSP, P3P, Xframe, XSS, and more.

The project is also self-hosted, meaning users can host and scale Strapi projects using any hosting platform, including AWS, Netlify, Heroku, a VPS, or a dedicated server. 

When it comes to databases, Strapi works with SQL & NoSQL databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite. 

Additional information is available on the project’s GitHub page.