Since the technical interview is such an important part of the hiring process for tech workers, it’s best to be as prepared as possible for what one might expect during that step of the interview process. 

Several resources exist to help developers better prepare. One such resource is the Tech Interview Handbook repository, which is a robust library of content that can help developers better prepare for job interviews. 

“Having personally gone through the interviewing process, it was frustrating to have to find resources from everywhere to prepare for my technical interviews,” Yangshun Tay, who created the project, wrote on its website

The Tech Interview Handbook includes a guide on how to prepare for interviews, coding interview practice questions, an algorithm cheatsheet, a resume-building guide, and common behavioral questions. 

It also sorts resources based on what step of the process one should be learning about, making it feel more like a step-by-step guide that one can follow along with. 

According to the creator of the repository, many of the existing resources out there for this tend to focus too heavily on algorithm questions and miss out on more domain-specific or non-technical questions. When creating this resource, the creator wants to make sure it covers the whole process. 

“This repository has practical content that covers all phases of a technical interview, from applying for a job to passing the interviews to offer negotiation. Technically competent candidates might still find the non-technical content helpful,” the project’s GitHub page states.