Application monitoring company Sentry has announced Release Health capabilities are now available by default in its JavaScript SDK. The company’s Release Health insights is designed to provide teams with error and performance monitoring so that they can get actionable data and resolve errors and issues quickly. 

According to the company, this is especially important as front-end developer popularity and business significance increases. Sentry reports nearly 70% of developers are using JavaScript to create rich user experiences. 

“Code is increasingly becoming the center of every customer experience, and when it fails, business fails,” said Milin Desai, CEO, Sentry. “With Sentry for JavaScript, application monitoring is more than just a failsafe for frontend development — extending Release Health capabilities to JavaScript projects is key to helping developers understand how each release is performing and what’s required to deploy more frequently.”

Release Health provides early warning into software releases, and with the latest update JavaScript developers can now capture session data to see crashes by session and user as well as how many users are leveraging the latest release. Sessions are defined by a page view, refresh and multiple browser tabs. 

In addition, the JavaScript SDK will now notify users about how many new issues are associated with their latest release. 

The update also enables users to trace page loads, poor-performing APIs calls, slow database queries, related errors, and identify where errors were introduced. Other updates include the company’s Discover tool that allows users to detect the root cause of an issue, and WebAssembly support.