Development company Sopheon has announced the launch of three new SaaS products for innovation management that span the ideas, product, and project spectrum. Bundled together as Acclaim, the offerings include Acclaim Ideas, Acclaim Projects, and Acclaim Products. 

According to Sopheon, Acclaim gives developers in charge of idea generation, product management, or project management more control of the process and the ability to make data-driven decisions. 

Acclaim Ideas allows users to find, align, test the best ideas in order to advance those options and meet company goals. 

Acclaim Projects offers an integrated change management workflow, real-time project health scores, and detailed resource management information.

Acclaim Products allows users to track goals, progress, and day-to-day work. This provides product managers with the information they need to keep stakeholders informed, monitor product performance, and plan future products. 

“Innovation is indispensable to an organization’s long-term success,” said Greg Coticchia, CEO of Sopheon. “Technology advances and the global sustainability movement are adding to the pressures on today’s managers, who are constantly seeking ways to deliver better products and processes. The launch of the Acclaim offerings furthers Sopheon’s vision to help executives, team leaders, and individual contributors improve their productivity and actively engage in driving innovation forward. Sopheon is uniquely positioned to help companies achieve exceptional long-term growth and profitability through sustainable innovation.”