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Innovation will transform the software engineering life cycle

Innovation is essential for software engineering leaders to circumvent competition and create an attractive technology landscape for users and developers. Innovation keeps processes, tools and outcomes fresh and productive.  However, software engineering teams often experience burnout due to the demand for innovation and have little energy to innovate their own processes and practices. Software engineering … continue reading

Don’t let data compliance block software innovation; automation is the key

The need for the digital transformation of business processes, operations, and products is nearly ubiquitous. This is putting development teams under immense pressure to accelerate software releases, despite time and budget constraints. At the same time, compliance with data privacy and protection mandates, as well as other risk mitigation efforts (e.g., zero trust), often choke … continue reading

Sopheon launches SaaS products for innovation management

Development company Sopheon has announced the launch of three new SaaS products for innovation management that span the ideas, product, and project spectrum. Bundled together as Acclaim, the offerings include Acclaim Ideas, Acclaim Projects, and Acclaim Products.  According to Sopheon, Acclaim gives developers in charge of idea generation, product management, or project management more control … continue reading

How to cultivate an innovation vs. invention mindset

The global economy and new business normal caused by the pandemic have sparked a lot of discussion about how companies will be able to grow and compete. On top of that, today’s war for talent – and related staffing shortages in the technology industry, specifically – is seemingly at odds with expectations for growth. Many … continue reading

Topcoder announces its 2020 innovation award winners

The crowdsourcing company Topcoder announced the winners of its 2020 innovation awards, which were designed to recognize customers and individuals who did exceptional work on the Topcoder platform and within the community. The awards spanned six categories: cutting edge, enterprise resiliency, power user, public sector, program of the year, and the Wipro partnership award.  And … continue reading

Industry Watch: Good ideas are lost in the process

My career began in general circulation newspapers. Today, these organizations are facing digital transformations, and are feeling the pain of adopting new tools, creating new processes and workflows, and changing the culture of journalists. (We know most people dislike change; grizzled, curmudgeonly writers and editors especially hate change.) Friends throughout that industry tell me that … continue reading

Iterations are the currency of software innovation

In the modern economy, every business is a software business. Why?  Because companies have figured out that the easiest way to introduce innovation into a marketplace is with software, whose defining characteristic is that, well, it’s soft.  Instead of waiting months to make a change to some physical piece of equipment, software can be distributed … continue reading

Appian survey: Low-code platforms market on the rise

In order to compete with rapidly transforming markets, IT leaders are leveraging low-code platforms to support digital process automation, digital customer engagement and digital transformation, according to an Appian survey released today. “Forrester predicts the low-code platforms market will reach over $10B in revenue by 2019,” said Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian. Appian also provides … continue reading

Using DevOps best practices to solve mainframe challenges

Companies are trying to solve their mainframe challenges by moving applications off the platform or working around the mainframe, but these steps are actually creating even more problems for enterprise executives. Modernizing the mainframe with DevOps best practices is one way to avoid these difficulties, according to new research from Compuware and Forrester Research. According … continue reading

BMC bridges gap between business leaders and developers with new Innovation Suite platform

The DevOps evolution brought the developer and operations communities together, but now, companies are putting an emphasis on getting the business owners and stakeholders more involved in the entire application development process. BMC wants to bridge the gap between developers, operations and business owners, which is why it launched its new Innovation Suite today. The … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Electrode

Walmart isn’t only known for slashing prices. It’s also known for its tech division, WalmartLabs, which has developed several open-source projects, including this week’s GitHub project of the week: Electrode. Walmart serves nearly 260 million customers who visit its 11,504 stores. Knowing that technology and software is always changing, Walmart has been ramping up its … continue reading

Micro Focus intends to merge with HPE Software

Micro Focus announced its intent to merge with HPE’s Software Business Segment for approximately US$8.8 billion today. The merger is still subject to closing conditions, but the transaction is expected to finalize in the third quarter of 2017. Also, with this merger, Micro Focus and HPE announced the intent to enter a commercial partnership naming … continue reading Protection Status