Sysdig announced the release of Risk Spotlight, a vulnerability prioritization feature based on runtime intelligence.

The feature enables teams to reduce vulnerabilities by 95% and allows developers to focus on shipping applications faster, according to Sysdig. 

It also delivers vulnerability details such as CVSS vector from multiple sources, the fix version, and links to publicly available exploits to manage vulnerability risk at scale. The feature provides a single view of vulnerability risk across a container lifetime from build to runtime. 

Developers will also receive a package-centric view of vulnerabilities along with the fixes and upgrades that they need to apply. 

“Detecting threats at runtime across containers, hosts, and cloud services is fundamental for cloud-native security. Then, using that runtime intelligence to prioritize vulnerabilities provides developers a reasonable list of the highest impact issues to fix,” said Loris Degioanni, the founder and CTO at Sysdig. “Scrolling line-by-line through an endless spreadsheet of issues is inefficient for developers and slows down software releases.”