TIBCO Software has announced the building blocks for making its Responsive Application Mesh vision a reality at its TIBCO Now 2020 conference this week. According to the company, the Responsive Application Mesh provides a blueprint for building an Agile enterprise, from people to processes and practices.

“Digital business needs are evolving faster than ever, now demanding agile responses to changing market conditions, deeper connections between people and technology, and quicker time to market. This calls for responsive, interoperable, and rapidly discoverable digital assets,” said Randy Menon, senior vice president and general manager of connect and TIBCO Cloud.

The new building blocks are part of a partnership with robotic process automation (RPA) provider WorkFusion.

The building block includes:

  • TIBCO Cloud integration to monitor apps in a single view, whether they are on cloud, hybrid, or on-premise architectures. The integration also includes a unified dashboard experience and the addition of a marketplace as well as native integration with WorkFusion RPA.
  • TIBCO Cloud Mesh for creating and discovering assets such as APIs, flows, events or integrations
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents 6 for contextual event processing in a cloud-native world. It includes support for embedded technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra and Apache Ignite
  • TIBCO BPM Enterprise 5 that can be deployed natively as containers on cloud platforms.

“Digital business requires fast, smart, connected decisions and processes to execute and win at scale. Rapidly connecting people, processes, and data helps businesses engineer transformative customer experiences that are seamless, highly engaging, responsive, and personalized,” said Sam Fahmy, chief marketing officer for WorkFusion.

Additionally, the company announced the TIBCO Any Data Hub at the conference to provide a data management blueprint for distributed data environments. The hub is designed to reduce the complexity of inconsistent data and unify tools and approaches.

“In a perfect world with perfect systems and never-changing architectures, there would be no need for tools and technologies like master data management and data virtualization. Instead, in the world we live in, organizations look to solutions that will help manage an overwhelming influx of data,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president for engineering at TIBCO. “We’ve seen a massive expansion in data and an evolution of the systems and architectures that generate and control this data. The TIBCO Any Data Hub blueprint simplifies the entire process for customers by unifying the tools and approaches needed to create a complete and cohesive data picture, making a meaningful business impact.”

As part of the data hub, the company announced TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.3 with an expanded set of data adapters and the ability to connect to over 300 data sources.

Lastly, the company revealed the TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics solution for real-time analytics for data-driven businesses. The release includes TIBCO Spotfire 11 and TIBCO Cloud Data Streams. Together, the solutions aim to accelerate insights and actions for businesses. With TIBCO Spotfire 11, users will get visual analytics, data science and streaming analytics capabilities through a single environment. The TIBCO Cloud Data Streams is a real-time streaming BI platform that detects trends and patterns as they occur.

“With TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics, we compress the time from business events to analysis, insight, decision and action for all kinds of data. Proven results are astounding, and we see extreme value generation across many business sectors,” said Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer for TIBCO.