Sonatype, the company that is transforming software development, today announced that software developers using the .NET Framework can now utilize the Sonatype Nexus Professional repository manager to store, access and manage .NET components. Nexus is already the industry’s most widely used repository manager for Java components.  By extending support to .NET, Sonatype now offers an ideal solution for Microsoft development teams, as well as heterogeneous development organizations.

Using Nexus to host .NET repositories, organizations can now enjoy the same benefits Java developers using Sonatype Nexus Professional 2.0 realize, including reduced development times, improved collaboration and better control over component usage. Companies with mixed development environments can now standardize on one repository manager regardless of the language or framework ­ Java, .NET or OSGi.  This common infrastructure for storing, searching and accessing internally developed packages makes it easier for developers and groups to share code and collaborate.

“.NET developers and their organizations now have the ability to define their own criteria and security measures when using NuGet for component-based development,” said Scott Hunter, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.  “We’re excited to be working with Sonatype to help the .NET community save time and cost while building a more secure and effective development environment for their organizations.”

With Sonatype Nexus Professional 2.0, development teams can access .NET components packaged with NuGet, the extension that makes it easy o install and update third-party components into .NET projects.  By using proxies of .NET repositories co-located with developers, organizations can not only reduce the time it takes to load a NuGet package into Visual Studio, thereby improving developer productivity, but also streamline how developers share their internal components with colleagues and counterparts.  Leveraging Sonatype Nexus Professional’s new Availability Architecture keeps geographically distributed teams in sync by ensuring proxy repositories know when a master repository is updated to serve the latest artifacts without sacrificing performance.

“Nexus has long been the gold standard in the Java world and increasingly our customers are asking us to support heterogeneous environments,” said Jason van Zyl, CTO and Founder of Sonatype. “Bringing the advantage of Nexus to the .NET community is a big step for Sonatype and should be very helpful to users.”

Pricing for Sonatype Nexus Professional 2.0 is $120 per user. For more information go to: