Devart is a recognized developer of database tools and data connectivity solutions announces a new update of dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.0, a leading IDE for SQL Server development, management, data reporting and analysis.

Version 5.0 introduces the brand new Source Control tool. The tool allows source-controlling SQL databases in the most popular source control systems: Subversion (SVN), Team Foundation Server (including TFS Cloud), Git (including GitHub), Perforce (P4), Mercurial, SourceGear Vault systems. The tool provides an ability to perform all source-controlling tasks visually in a handy interface, source-control a working folder, resolve conflicts and view the Changes History Window.

“The core idea of the new release is to allow developers to seamlessly integrate source control into their database development process”, said Paul Shytkov, the senior software architect of dbForge tools product line. “It will take just a few minutes to link an SQL database to one of the supported source control systems without having to break your workflow, and then you can enjoy all benefits of SQL database development in a source-controlled environment.”

Another improvement is upgraded Data Generator. Now dbForge Studio for SQL Server includes more than 180 meaningful data generators, like Names, Emails, Credit Cards Numbers, Countries and many other. A new option for creating user-defined generators enables creating, saving and using generators that would better meet developer’s needs, rather than customizing existing generators over and over again. It also has the enhanced RegExp generator, command-line interface, matching for more intelligent table mapping and support for composite foreign keys.

The list of code completion enhancements includes:
– New snippets
– UPDATE statement expansion
– Custom alias mapping
– Pair highlighting
– SQL refactoring
– Semicolon insertion
– Phrase completion

The last, but not least new feature is an ability to create, compare and sync database script folders. Comparison with database script folder is also available in version control.

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dbForge Studio for SQL Server has a variety of pricing plans starting from 249.95$. First-time purchases of any edition include free 1-year subscription. New Enterprise Edition provides fully-featured software for database professionals. Additionally, dbForge Studio for SQL Server has a free Express Edition.