Sparx Systems, a leading vendor of modeling tools based on UML and related open standards, today announced the release of Enterprise Architect 10.

Enterprise Architect 10 includes a wealth of new features and significant enhancements, all designed to streamline and maximize the power of model driven engineering and business process design. Major enhancements to the user interface, diagramming tools, reporting and domain specific modeling capabilities provide a robust and clean environment for developing models and architectures in various industry domains. This is complemented with improved tools to trace dependencies, execute models with sophisticated simulations, analyze and debug a wide variety of executable code, to tightly manage all phases of project development – from requirements definition through to deployment and maintenance. Full details of the hundreds of changes and improvements to Enterprise Architect can be found here:

For over 12 years, Enterprise Architect has proven remarkably successful at meeting its goal of capturing and making a wide range of domain constructs accessible to modelers, designers, project managers, standards developers, business process modelers, requirements engineers, software engineers, embedded and real-time engineers and others working in a range of verticals, such as finance, geospatial, software, entertainment, banking, insurance, automotive, industrial and more. Enterprise Architect is also frequently found to be the modeling tool that helps visualize and logically describe the specifications defining new technologies and protocols for our changing world.

“The ability to understand, model, extend, communicate, refine and manage a wide range of disparate information systems, software applications, data repositories, business processes, interactions, requirements and deployments is challenged by the very complexity and inter-connectedness characteristic of modern information domains,” remarked Sparx Systems CEO, Geoffrey Sparks. “It has always been the goal of Sparx Systems to provide robust, scalable, affordable, fast and tightly-integrated tools that effectively deal with complexity and connectedness, using an open standards-based modeling paradigm.”

Sparx Systems COO, Tom O’Reilly said, “Enterprise Architect 10 is a testament to the hard work and ongoing commitment of the Sparx Systems team to continually meet and surpass end-user expectations for modeling tools and integrated design platforms; delivering a truly unique and powerful high-end tool capable of managing and visualizing information across multiple domains.”

A full list of updates and enhancements in Enterprise Architect 10 can be found at: