SOASTA Inc., the leader in cloud and mobile testing, today announced the latest release of CloudTest in order to meet enterprise customer needs for additional application support. This announcement continues SOASTA’s commitment to compressing testing related tasks in order to speed time to market.  A new Java Module now enables developers and testers of Java applications to test any Java component to easily scale. Direct-to-database testing supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases, important for end-to-end testing for enterprise customers, and additional in-memory processing enhancements make dashboard loading lighting fast for in-test analytics.
“No longer do development and testing teams need to choose between time-to-market or quality user experience,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “With the latest version of CloudTest, developers and quality professionals can deliver new applications at the speed of agile development. By improving performance and expanding the scope of testing, our customers can deliver quality user experiences every time.”
New CloudTest capabilities include:
Direct-to-Database Testing. CloudTest users can now directly test the scalability of the most popular enterprise and open source SQL databases from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.  As applications are developed, databases are often tested in isolation, while it’s being built and tested. In response to a common enterprise customer request, CloudTest can be directed to execute SQL workloads directly to the database for performance testing and insert data into a database before a test or clean up after a test.
Custom Java Modules.  SOASTA’s established leadership in web and mobile apps is now expanded to Java developers and testers.  With the new custom Java module, anything that can be done in Java can be tested at scale with CloudTest, such as testing streaming video as well as popular protocols like WebSocket and UDP.
Speed Enhancements. Users can now use test creation shortcuts such as recording directly to executable test clips and easily share test assets and components.  Leveraging platform enhancements to CloudTest’s in-memory analytics engine, users will experience improvements in the seamless visual reporting during tests and how quickly tests load for execution, at any scale.  SOASTA’s continuous attention to speed and performance improvements enables enterprise teams to work faster and share results more effectively.  Additional enhancements to in-memory load speeds results in lighting fast responses in the CloudTest dashboard.
CloudTest with all of the new capabilities is available today.  Attendees of the StarWest conference in Anaheim, CA can see CloudTest and all SOASTA products live in the SOASTA booth #28, and the product can be downloaded for free at