WhereScape, makers of WhereScape RED, a data warehouse management IDE, announced at this week’s PASS Summit 2010 that WhereScape RED now provides native support for Microsoft’s enterprise-level data integration solution, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

WhereScape said users can now use SSIS to load data into a WhereScape RED-designed data warehouse, and leverage SSIS data movement functionality as part of its development, management and processing activities. The product also provides native support for IBM DB2, Oracle and Teradata.

“SQL Server Integration Services excels at loading data from different sources,” said WhereScape CEO Michael Whitehead. “Once the data is loaded, WhereScape RED builds all the downstream SQL Server objects such as facts, dimensions and Microsoft Analysis Services cubes in the database 10x faster than with traditional, hand-coding methods.

“SSIS provides WhereScape customers another option to load data that is extremely fast, efficient and flexible. WhereScape developers enjoy full technical and user documentation for change management and data lineage.”

According to the company, after data is loaded into a SQL Server data warehouse, WhereScape RED works within SQL Server’s database engine to transform data and build data warehouse objects within the warehouse. The product will continue to support native SQL Server load utilities such as BULK INSERT, linked servers and ODBC.

With native support added, organizations only need to learn one development environment. They can leverage end-to-end metadata from the source system through to the cube layer via an integrated workflow and scheduling function that automatically maintains lineage information and documentation from source system extract through to the data warehouse.

The company said that Microsoft SQL Server is its most popular database with more than 200 customers, including Coinstar, a provider of automated retail solutions, and IPC, an independent Subway franchisee-owned and operated purchasing cooperative.